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Refashion Show 2024

On Earth Day 2024, the Trash to Treasure Movement in Alexandria, Virginia kindly accepted my application as a designer for the event.  

IMG_3099 (1)_edited.jpg

Mad Maxine

This dress has rocker-girl vibe and Camryn definitely is ready to grab the microphone and belt out some Pogues.  Constructed of denim scrap with raw edges, paint and vintage buttons, it is a go to for a night in the clubs or hey why not--the grocery store!!   The one of a kind item was designed for a beautifully fuller figure.  Check it out in the shopping section before its gone!!!


Seeds & Stems

4/20 is the day to flaunt the green.  Kevin does that in the denim scrap jacket.  It has raw edge scraps, paint and a green overdye.  Sorry folks, this sold immediately but Tina can recreate one that fits you to a T.  The pants are also random scraps, including pockets and buttons from an army jacket.  Honestly, a first delve into something to fit a male shape.  Keven wears them well.

Art on Fabric

Mary is a goddess in an ensemble from cast-off clothing that was re-imagined and eco-dyed.  The cropped top is a silk knit.  The belt is scrap faux suede.  This skirt is from a plain shiny white dress.  The fabrics took to the eucalyptus leaves in a very organic way.  The top was sold.  The skirt and belt are available in the shopping section.


Mama Tried

Verity makes this ensemble glow.  And how did Mama Try?  The jacket is constructed from shredding a sentimental Mother's Day type throw that had beautiful threads, just not for the sofa.  The shredded pieces were fashioned into a vest over a men's linen shirt with color altered.  The pants are from thrift store fabric that's hard to imagine anyone would want to trash.  Moths on the pockets brings it back to earth.

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