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Giving Back

How we support tribes

With its artisan made clothing, Shake Rag Studio has a mission of giving back to community tribes in its efforts of reuse, repurposing and using eco friendly materials.  When items for re-using and re-purposing are purchased from community groups, the proceeds often support food pantry and meal programs. Re-using and re-purposing also keeps items out of the waste streams.


Tina Marlow is also passionate about an organization called Kiva.  Non-profit Kiva gives micro business loans to individuals.  Tina funds those who are supporting themselves with sewing and tailoring.  Check it out at

Another "loved" organization is Macoupin Art Collective.  This facility is in Staunton, IL and offers all sorts of art classes to the community.  Summer 2023 Tina assisted with Sewing Camp for ages 13 and under.  It was an event where she got back more than she gave, learning how children take to a needle and thread or even a sewing machine.

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